Here at Upland we don’t believe in constraining art and design and technology to one discrete lesson but use it in a cross curricular fashion all the time building knowledge and skills with reference to (but not a dependence upon) school’s progression of skills document.

We have a plentiful supply of art resources and children have a wide range of experiences with various media: watercolours, pastels, clay, modroc. We continue to reflect our community by producing work of ethnic origin and utilise our multicultural links by having guess visitors/teachers who inspire our children to look beyond their immediate surroundings for artistic ideas.

Design Technology has a role in developing a child’s inquisitive mind. Pupils are challenged to find out how things are made and how they work.

The subject is structured to introduce different materials, processes, knowledge and equipment and offers children the satisfaction of becoming innovative ‘designers and makers’.

As per the new curriculum, KS2 children will also be participating in cooking and nutrition. This will help them to understand and apply the importance of healthy living.

All children, as they move through the school, will be emerged in different aspects of art and design. Studying significant people and their lives from different artistic movements.