At Upland Primary School we aim to provide a challenging, balanced and stimulating mathematics curriculum. Right through from our Nursery all the way up to Year 6, our aim is to promote a positive and confident attitude to maths as an exciting, creative and relevant subject which has applications in all areas of our learning and day-to-day life. We want the children of Upland Primary School to develop a love of mathematics and to ensure that all our pupils realise their potential, becoming confident and enthusiastic mathematicians. There are 3 aims of mathematics; fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Teachers plan active and engaging lessons that include all 3 aims. We ensure that there is a focus on teaching core numeracy skills; such as multiplication tables, number bonds and place value; as well as practical maths and ‘using and applying’ skills. Our desire is for the children to then apply these skills to ‘real world’ problem to reinforce the idea that mathematics is not simply a subject learnt in school, but a vital life skill central to many things people do every day. Mathematics is an essential skill that we use and carry throughout our lives. It teaches us how to make sense of the world around us through developing an ability to calculate, whether it is through working out change, timing an event or measuring the correct amount. It helps us to reason and to solve a variety of problems presented to us in a wide range of situations.

Our Maths co-ordinator is Mrs Belcher and she in turn is supported by Mrs Shepherd. Together their aim is to ensure mathematics at Upland Primary School continues to be an area of strength and that our children embrace the subject. They are developing ideas to further promote maths in school and increase its’ presence in the wider school areas, with an emphasis on reasoning and problem solving. In addition they are working with Class Teachers and other Subject co-ordinators to highlight the ways in which maths is used in different subjects and they continue to oversee the teaching and assessment of maths at Upland and to ensure it is in line with our core beliefs and values as a school.