At Upland we aim to celebrate a range of religious festivals throughout the year, both in class lessons and joint assemblies. These include Harvest, Diwali and Christmas in the Autumn term and Chinese New Year, Passover and Easter in the Spring term.

There is now a new R.E. curriculum framework in place at Upland which has been developed for Bexley schools. In lessons we cover a range of religions throughout the year groups such as Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam. We also teach themes in some year groups such as Celebrations, Prayer and worship, Sharing and Key concepts from the major faiths. All this learning takes place through interesting and fun activities for the children.

Each year CRIBS (Christian Resources In Bexley Schools) visit each class to teach some of the Christianity units of work. They also bring their bus to school in the Spring term for children to experience social, moral, spiritual and cultural activities. In some year groups there will be visits to local places of worship.