Day 4 Year 5 Outward Bound

Date: 4/3/16
By: admin

Dear Parent/ Carers,

Good morning to you all.

Yesterday was another wonderful day for the children, Mr Twyman described it as very long with some very tired but happy children.

2 groups had a long adventure day on the mountain. The groups sumitted a 400m peak in the heart of Snowdonia, the views were amazing; the children showed true grit and determination on what was a really challenging hike. I can’t wait to see the photos, they are going to be incredible.

1 group took a boat ride out to the beach and built fires then cooked bread and food over the fire. Showing fantatsic teamwork.

Another group went climbing across the coastline. Don’t be suprised if the children come back with a few bruises as they are all being little adventurers and daredevils. I think we may have the next Bear Grylls amongst them.

Mr Gregory and Mrs Laughland’s groups did “Jog and Dip” activities, this involved running frantically into a shallow lake and submerging themselves. Wow !!! Both members of staff did it with the children, when I asked Mr Twyman if he did it his reply was “No it was very cold ” Congratulations to the children and staff. A great challenge.

Dinner last night was Lasagne, Curry, Pizza finshed with apple crumble. I can’t wait to go with Year 6 because the thought of all this lovely food being cooked for me for a week is ididlic. All children have eaten incredibly well.

Last nights activities involved a teaching and reviewing session, thinking about all of the learning that has taken place. A time to really reflect on all of the activiites and the skills learnt and fears conquered. I spoke to Mrs Laghland yesterday and she told me how proud she was of her group and how they had nearly reduced her to tears as the children really have excelled themselves.

Like you I can’t wait to see them all and hear all about their adventures.

Also last night the children were responsible for kit cleaning, apparently they have all turned in Peppa Pig and George of course; They have been throwing themsleves into every muddy puddle they can find. I think they probably might regret that now as all of their waterproof gear is caked in mud. I’m sure there was a few moans and groans with cleaning that off.

Today the whole group are going to build a big fire, have marshmallows and some final fun activiites before they set off for their long journey. They truly have had a wonderful time.

The aim for today is to set off at around midday and we are anticpating them being back at school around 19.30 tonight. We will keep you updated via text throughout the day as to their progress. We will do our best to inform you of an approximate time of arrival should they be late.

The last update you will get from the school will be around 5pm once the main bulk of the journey has past. At this point we will give you our estimated time.

Mr Dawson will have the school hall open for you to wait for your children from the time given in the last message sent to you. He will also have a time written up, so if there are any delays then you can come and go as you please.

I thank you in advance for your support and pateince with us.

I would also like to thank you for allowing your children to join us in our second year of Outward Bound Adventures. It will be something they remember for ever.

Have a wonderful day

Kindest regards

Ms Vicky Sengupta