Outward Bound Year 6 Day 2

Date: 16/3/16
By: admin

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been another busy day at Outward Bound. Mrs Sengupta reports that the weather has remained lovely and sunny.

The gorge walking was a big success and I’m told, a huge challenge. Apparently the children’s legs were “like jelly” afterwards!

1 group completed their canoe journey and another took a steam boat ride across the lake before scrambling up a mountain.

Another group began the day with orienteering before heading out on expedition. They are due back into the centre later this morning.

The other expedition group began the day with a canoe journey across the lake followed by a climb and then the camp out. They are also due back into centre later this morning.

Mrs McKenzie sent me a photograph of the mountain she climbed with her group and said that it had been a huge achievement for all the children and herself.

The groups that were in the centre last night completed trapeze, line walking and kit preparation for their own expedition.

Dinner was a hearty chilli or pizza with rice, vegetables, fruit, custard and yogurts. There has also been the usual abundance of hot chocolate and a cheeky biscuit or two.

The children are all well and there has been careful inspections of toothbrushes morning and evening.

I will be sure to keep in touch with the staff team throughout today and email you tomorrow morning.

Best wishes

Mr Twyman