Road Safety Day

Date: 5/12/16
By: admin
On the 24th November, we celebrated Road Safety Day in school. Each year group took part in different activities to ensure that we are responsible members of the road using community.
In FSU, the children discovered what a road was and how to properly dress and cross the road safely. They also looked at some mark making based on road safety signs.

In Year 1, the children designed a range of outfits which could keep us safe when walking in the streets and crossing roads. They looked at different scenarios to decide who was being the safest on the roads.Inline images 5

Year 2, wrote Road Safety rules. They wrote a set of instructions for other children to keep them safe.
Year 3 linked their learning to their book – Krindlekrax, and how they could be responsible pedestrians.
In Year 4, the children wrote emails to Yasmin offering her advice on crossing the road.
Year 5 linked their learning to their walk to swimming. They mapped out their route and found appropriate and safe places to cross. They then turned this into leaflets to advise others.
In English, Year 6 watched a variety of road safety videos and then discussed, as a class, the message that was being delivered and the effectiveness of the adverts. After this, the children then started to create their own road safety adverts using the I-Pads.

In maths, in order to first familiarise themselves with the concept of speed, the children participated in a quiz in which they had to guess the average speed of the following things: a person walking, a moped, a bicycle, a car on a motorway, a cheetah, an aeroplane.  The children were then introduced to the concept of stopping distances and within this ‘thinking distance’ and ‘braking distance.’

The children then went outside and had to estimate the stopping distance of a car when travelling at a range of different speeds. The children then calculated the real stopping distance before measuring it out using a trundle wheel.

 This activity was a real eye opener for the children as it helped them to understand that cars do not have the capacity to stop instantly and so it is vital that we cross at sensible points, we never run out in front of a car and we always look and listen. 

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