Apple Store Visit

Date: 30/11/15
By: admin

20 children from Year 4 found themselves in a fortunate position, when they were selected to attend a workshop at the Apple Store in Bluewater, after their names were pulled from a hat. On Thursday 25th November  we set off for Bluewater and felt like special visitors as we were met outside the store and given fantastic  T-shirts with the Apple Logo on them.

After putting them on, we went inside the store and spent the morning learning about a new app which can be used on the ipads to support our bookmaking skills – both the writing and the illustrations. We worked as pairs and all wrote a version of Beowulf (as this is the text Year 4 are currently reading).


After writing and illustrating our stories they were published and shown in the store. We were all given a memory stick to keep, with our work stored on it.