Bexley Civic Offices Visit.

Date: 25/3/15
By: admin

On Tuesday 24thMarch we were guests at the Primary School Conference at Bexley council’s Civic Offices.  It was a great experience and we got to see the workings of an active council at work.

We attended 3 very interesting workshops aimed at keeping us safe on the internet, road safety and healthy non-smoking life style choices! It was very informative for us all.

It was also an opportunity to offer our interest in ‘The Children’s Parliament’ something we hope to be participating in, in the near future.

Five school council members were triumphant in the delivery of their presentation on positive play at Upland Primary School.  I was very proud as they captivated the other children and adults whilst public speaking in the councils chambers.  An experience that I would find daunting at my age and yet here were our year 4, 5 and 6 pupils rising to the challenge with great success.

It was a great morning and we were able to make comparisons to our recent visit to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and how all our own voices become vital in a healthy democratic society.

Mrs Jordan