Bramble and Thistle class travelled to the Barbican Concert Hall

Date: 9/11/16
By: admin

On Monday 7th November 2016 Fern, Moss, Bramble and Thistle class traveled by train and tube to the Barbican Concert Hall in the City of London to join the London Symphony Orchestra and take part in a performance of Click Clack Moo: Cows That can Type.

The children had all prepared for the concert in music lessons by leaning 4 songs to sing with the orchestra,  composing four pieces of music and exploring the different instruments of the orchestra.

We were all really hungry when we arrived at the Barbican and had our lunch before we went into the concert.

We found our seats in the concert hall and saw all the instruments of the orchestra tuning up. The String section were at the front with the Woodwind, Brass and Percussion behind.

We warmed up our voices and ears with a special version of Old MacDonald before our presenter, Rachel, helped us listen too and join in with the orchestra as she told us the story of Click Clack Moo: Cows that can type. All of the children at the concert performed their songs with the orchestra as a giant choir and sounded great.

For most of the children this was the first time they had ever heard a live orchestra and many had favorite instruments. I even heard some year 2 children saying “We want to learn the double Bass!”

Thank you to all of the adults who came along to help us and did such a great job looking after our  children. I think that we can all say that the children were exceptionally well behaved and had a great time.

Well Done Fern, Moss, Bramble and Thistle classes.

Mr Gregory

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