British Library Trip

Date: 23/9/15
By: admin
In July it was a pleasure to accompany a selection of pupils from years 3,4,5 and 6 to visit the British Library to participate in the Magna Carta:Law, Liberty, Legacy workshops.
We travelled by public transport to get to London St Pancras and enjoyed a bracing stroll through the city of London to catch our connecting trains.
The children were extremely well behaved throughout the day and  were active participants during the workshops showing their knowledge and understanding of the concept of history and its relevance for the world they live in today.
This is what the British Library education department said about pupils from Upland Primary School:
“I am sending you this email to thank you and your students for being such  great guests. Your workshop leaders, Julian and Irene spoke highly of your students tremendous behaviour and willingness to learn from the experience”