Caterpillar Class, where have you been?

Date: 29/9/15
By: admin

Caterpillar class, caterpillar class where have you been? We’ve been to london to see the Queen!
Unfortunately we did not get to see the queen on Friday but we did get the chance to visit her splendid royal residence “Buckingham palace”!
What an exciting day we had, full of train journeys, long walks, royal parks and a tour of the palace.
I don’t know who enjoyed the trip more, the children or the grown ups?
Inside the palace we explored the State rooms which are the rooms that official guests from around the world get to see. The chandeliers were exquisite and the banqueting suite was full of gold.
To complete our wonderful day we were allowed to walk through the front gate.
It was a glorious day and the children were wonderful.