Changes to playground and Lunch Timings

Date: 5/9/14
By: admin

We are working very hard to improve playtime and lunchtimes for the children. As a parent body you have also made suggestions regarding these times in the school day. From September 2014 all children from Year 1 to 6 will have playtime at the same time and all children will be able to access all of the equipment and facilities within the playground. Playtime is now from 10.35 to 10.50 am. The children have responded very well to this and are thoroughly enjoying playing all together. We now have more staff on duty so that all children can be seen in all areas.

Due to the recent Universal Infant Free School Meals Initiative we have had to slightly change the timings of the lunch break so that we can accommodate more children having a school meal. Reception children will have lunch from 11.45 to 1pm. Year 1 & 2 Lunch is 12pm –1pm. Years 3-6 Lunchtime is now 12.30-1.30pm. The children so far have settled into this routine very well.