Day 2 Year 5 Outward Bound

Date: 2/3/16
By: admin

Good morning Parents/Carers

Year 5 had a wonderful day yesterday. The skies were blue, the sun was shining but it was rather cold.

After their hearty breakfast all groups were involved in exploratory walks. Some children went waterfall walking, some went deep into the forest and some through the woods. The instructors were so impressed with the children’s scientific knowledge and how they conducted themselves whilst working in teams. All children had the opportunity to make hot-chocolate using kelly kettles. They all thoroughly enjoyed eating and drinking in the outdoor environment.

After all of these long walks the children again had a wonderful dinner, the choice was chicken curry, noodles, macaroni cheese, sausage rolls; there was also potatoes and lots of vegetables. Once they had all finished their rather large portions (believe me when I say large, the staff have informed me that they are eating like wolves ) they were treated to a range of deserts.

Your children are incredibly hygiene conscious, they are all showering and washing well. I do believe they are the cleanness bunch of children we have ever sent away. The boys especially seem to be the cleanest. One young man yesterday decided to shower 3 times, after each activity, he just wanted to look pristine for his next adventure. I shall personally congratulate his parents for raising a boy with such a desire to look and smell good at all times. I do hope they keep this up for you once they return home.

So far all of their kit is accounted for, the children are taking this responsibility very seriously. Again I think you can hold them to ransom at home now should they loose items in their own rooms.

Mr Twyman is quite a task master when it comes to teeth brushing so has been on patrol morning and night. They are positively glistening.

Today the children are engaging in canoeing activities on the lake and then taking the train down to the beach, and then scrambling up the rocks and cliffs up the beach front. It’s going to be a high energy, challenging yet fun packed day for all. The weather is rather yucky today with rain and wind.

They are all happy, sleeping, eating and working well together.

Please remember to send your child a letter.

Kindest regards

Ms Vicky Sengupta