Forest School

Date: 20/11/14
By: admin


We are pleased to announce that our new Forest School site has now been completed, and is in use. All of our Foundation stage children will have the opportunity to take part in ‘Welly Wednesday’ sessions throughout the year.

What is Forest School?

Forest School is a fun, holistic experience that uses the outdoors to help children learn & experience nature in a secure but hands-on way. Children are able to complete small achievable tasks, promoting a ‘can do’ attitude & boosting self-esteem. As well as learning practical skills, children will learn social skills, team-working and responsible risk taking.

Our on-site Forest School includes base camp, a digging pit, a den, a log pile (for mini-beast hunts), a stick pile, and a ‘secret path’.

Some comments from Bumblebee & Ladybird classes –

“I made a camp fire.”

“We made cupcakes, now let’s make more.”

“I love this place.”

“My leaf is orangey brown.”

“I found a worm, it’s wriggly!”

“I saw a baby snail, a woodlouse and a baby spider. I might find ants.”

“I’ve had a good day. I love Forest School.”


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