Governing Body had the privilege of meeting with the school forum

Date: 17/6/14
By: admin

On Friday, the Governing Body had the privilege of meeting with the school forum, carrying out a learning walk, eating lunch in the dinner hall, as well as completing our annual review and discussing our effectiveness in ensuring the children receive a good or better education. So all in all, a very busy day!

It was a pleasure to walk around and not only see the wonderful array of work on display, from the FSU to Year 6, but also the impeccable behaviour of the children at our school. All children were well-mannered, friendly and quite frankly proud to discuss and be a part of Upland Primary.

The school forum coherently shared their views with Governors and expressed how happy and safe they felt. They were able to describe everything they saw as good, as well as offering some constructive criticism.

During lunchtime not only did we get to try the delights of Harrison catering company, we also had the chance to speak to children from across the whole school about their thoughts on everything from lessons to playground equipment. Again, the children were an absolute credit to the school with outstanding behaviour throughout.

As much as we enjoyed the company of the children, we did have to complete some work as well. As a Governing body we rated ourselves against our audit, evidencing and discussing our impact on the school with good results. We also set ourselves clear targets, in line with Ofsted guidance, to guarantee that we, together, continue to move the school forward for the good of the children.

The day was not only productive but also extremely enjoyable and we look forward to seeing more of what the children of Upland have to offer.


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