Harry Potter Night 11th February 2016

Date: 26/2/16
By: admin


History was made at Upland Primary School as we held our first Harry Potter sleepover at the school.

At 6.30 p.m., on Friday 11th February, 51 excited year 4 children arrived back at school for an evening of Harry Potter related fun led by Professor Dumbledore (Mrs Sengupta). Following the children being sorted into the four houses, according to the sorting hat, they were allocated their house mistress for the evening: Miss Hemmings, Miss Smiles, Mrs Belcher or Miss Goulet.

They then undertook a series of activities including, making a magic wand, practising creating and casting a spell, concocting a magic potion, making an egg float and using invisable ink to write a secret message. Following an interval for refreshments (hot dogs and cakes prepared by Mrs Mackenzie) the houses took part in a competition to hunt down the villains from the films, who had been hidden around the now dark building. Armed with only a small torch, we fearlessly ventured along the darkened corridors in an attempt to find and name all the villains and be the first house to arrive back at the hall.

Spotting the first signs of tiredness, Professor Dumbledore encouraged the children to set up their beds for the night and change into their pyjamas before settling down to watch “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” on the big screen. Popcorn and sweets were provided and enjoyed by all.

Once the film had finished and the lights went out it was time for sleep-although not all children seemed to agree! These were the same children who had difficulty waking up in the morning funnily enough.

I think all the staff and children who attended the sleepover will agree that the night was a resounding success.