Houses of Parliament School Forum Trip

Date: 6/3/15
By: admin
On Thursday 26th February  the school council, Ms Sengupta and I travelled to the Palace of Westminster for a fabulous tour and an elections and voting workshop.
We caught the 8.32 train from Bexleyheath and became part of the busy workday commuter scene! The track was full, the train was busy and arriving at London charing cross was chaotic.
We strolled along the embankment and our senses were inhaled  all the sights, sounds and history that an early morning London had to offer.
After numerous security checks and lanyards attached our tour began and what a tour it was!
After the tour an education officer explained the voting process and we participated in our very own election.
Sophie (our lecturer) was the guide for our voting and election workshop. This was an opportunity for our school council to engage in political debate and develop an understanding of an active party and its manifesto. Eventually with the help of Sophie we staged our very own general election, we created our own political parties and developed our own manifesto. The children had to present the ideas and changes that they would implement if there were to be elected members of parliament. once each party had spoken and delivered their book of promises (manifesto) it was our turn to vote.
The children left with a clear understanding of the forthcoming general election and the knowledge of what it means to live in a democracy. They knew that the general election provides us with an opportunity to choose who will speak on our behalf in parliament in May 2015.
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