Imperial War Museum

Date: 18/11/16
By: admin

Imperial War Museum

On Friday 18th November 2016, classes Jupiter and Saturn (Year 6) went on an exciting educational visit to the Imperial War Museum. The children had the opportunity to extend their historical knowledge while there by exploring a variety of primary and secondary sources, for example, artefacts, photographs and written documentation.

Upon arrival at the Imperial War Museum, the children first ventured into the ‘Family in Wartime’ exhibition where they experienced first-hand what it was like to seek refuge in an air raid shelter. Alongside this, they also gained an insight into what life was like for those on the ground during the outbreak of war and how their lives were affected (for example; food/clothing rationing, evacuation, living through the Blitz).

After lunch, the children then moved onto the ‘WW1’ exhibition where they developed an understanding of the events that took place during this time period, the style of fighting that was used and the devastation that occurred as a result. One area of the exhibition that captured the imagination and emotions of the children was the trench recreation whereby the children got to experience exactly what it would have been like for the soldiers in the trenches.

The trip was a great success for both classes and proved to be a valuable resource for consolidating prior learning and developing new knowledge. Not only did the children benefit educationally, but they also walked away with a sense of admiration and appreciation for all those that fought for their country.