Inspiring us in Science

Date: 18/3/14
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Your Future, Your Ambition – Inspiring us in science, technology engineering and maths

Today Mr Twyman and Mrs Saunders took 15 of Upland’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians to the Your Future Your Ambition event. Here we had the opportunity to find out about science and engineering roles in some of the biggest companies in Britain. We learned how to test our hands to see how clean they really are (turns out some were more clean than others!) we learned about how scientists neutralise smells with deodorant, we examined our skin in detail with a electronic microscope and learned how suncream protects our skin from U.V light.

We also learned about televisions of the future that will completely disappear when you turn them off, built electricity pylons, learned about clean energy and tested different materials for conductivity. One of the scientists from Proctor and Gamble told us that Upland’s scientists were the most enthusiastic, interested and thoughtful children she had ever come across. The children’s behaviour was outstanding and they were all a real credit to themselves and their school.

Mr A Twyman

Deputy Head Teacher

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