Outward Bound 1st night and day.

Date: 24/3/15
By: admin


Dear Parents/ carers of year 6 children,

After arrival and sorting out their kit yesterday afternoon, the children did embark on their first adventure. Everybody did the infamous jog and dip into the lake, from Mr Twyman’s shaking voice I do believe it was rather cold. All had so much fun and some children even asked to do it again. Some of the children after dinner went on a night walk and others did team challenge exercises.

Once all the activities were over the children did settle down to the bedtime routine really quickly. All of the boys were fast asleep by 9.30pm and totally zonked out until 7am this morning. The girls on the other hand had far more to discuss and gossip about but were all down and asleep by 10pm. The children all ate really well some over indulged I think because the food is so yummy.

Todays activities.

Today is a jammed packed day.

2 groups are having mountain days, one group climbing Sheffield Pike and then having a night cook out. The other group are climbing Gowbarrow and then setting up camp for a night cook out. The next group are embarking on a canoe journey this morning and then gorge walking this afternoon and then doing trapeze walking this evening. The last group are on a gorge walk this morning then a scrambling activity this afternoon with blindfolded low ropes in the evening.

It all sounds like a wonderful day and I am really jealous. I can’t wait to hear all the updates this evening.


Just to let you know that the internet and Wi-Fi signal is really poor at the centre but the staff are doing their best to update me as and when so please don’t worry if you don’t hear from me straight away. I will always update you as and when I have the information.

Again enjoy the peace, your children are having a wonderful time.


Kind regards

Ms V Sengupta