Outward Bound 2nd night and day

Date: 25/3/15
By: admin


24th March 2015

Outward Bound 2nd night and day

Dear Parents/ Carers of year 6 children,

The 2nd day was a big success; the children had a very long challenging day. The 2 groups who were mountain walking were challenged to the maximum. Both of these groups then set up camp and did a cook out over small stoves on the mountain side. They ate lots of chilli, curry, sweet and sour chicken, chocolate pudding and fruit cake. I am to believe that they devoured a lot of food as they were so hungry.

One group spent some time on a working farm and learnt about all the different kinds of animals that live on the mountainside. They got to feed the animals as well. They were also treated to a demonstration on training new sheep dogs. All of the children got an immense amount of learning from this.

The children who were gorge walking got absolutely soaked and muddy, they were the first group in the showers last night and got a good hose down by the instructors before they entered back into the centre.

All children have been washing; Mr Twyman is being even more militant about teeth brushing and is doing toothpaste tube inspections to ensure they are brushing twice a day.

The children are all eating really well, apparently the year 5 children ate the centre out of food, but Year 6 have definitely surpassed them and really are munching through a colossal amount of food.

Last night the children were exhausted and as I spoke to Mr Twyman at 9.15pm the children were all deadly silent and fast asleep. The fresh air and exercise is doing them the world of good.

The children were up at 5.30 am this morning, as they don’t like closing the curtains because it’s so dark, but the knock on effect is that they are up with the sunrise. I feel another early night, tonight.

All groups are swapping activities today, so I’m sure fun will be had by all.

Miss Smiles tried to FaceTime me from the mountain top yesterday afternoon, but we couldn’t connect, however this is the picture she sent. I’m sure you’ll agree that the view is stunning.


I look forward to updating you all tomorrow.

Kind regards

Ms V Sengupta