Outward Bound Day 2

Date: 4/3/15
By: admin

Wednesday 4th March


Dear Parents/Carers of Year 5,

Outward Bound Day 2

Good morning parents / carers, I have received all the information about the fabulous day the children had yesterday.

The weather was cold but bright and sunny with the odd snow storm in-between. It was a mountain day for all.  The children had mighty fun building snowmen on the mountain and engaging in snowball wars with the staff. Some groups did Trapeze jumping which meant they were swinging between trees on high ropes !! Don’t worry they are all totally fine. Some children have been engaging on the low ropes and really challenging themselves in teams.

All of the children as a group went for a ride on a steamer boat up the lake. Then the children were treated to a speed boat ride across the lake, apparently very fast. They loved it.

The children are eating the centre out of food as they are so hungry, the catering staff are really accommodating all of their likes and dislikes. Mr Twyman said there have been some strange combinations. However all eating well and healthily. They are particularly enjoying traditional cooked breakfasts.

The children are fully kitted out in their warm clothes and have not complained of being cold apart from when whooshing!!! across the lake at great speed.

All children were in bed at 9pm and all asleep by 9.30pm, all sleeping well the fresh air and challenges are clearly tiring them all out.

More activities will take place today and again I will update parents as soon as I have the information. The signal remains very poor and Mr Twyman is now contacting me from the centre phone as emails and texts are just not arriving.

Oh I forgot they are all clean and smelling fresh as well.

Have a lovely day

Ms V Sengupta