Outward Bound Day 3

Date: 5/3/15
By: admin

Thursday 5th March


Outward Bound Day 3


Dear Parents/Carers,

Good Morning, another fabulous day was had by all yesterday. The weather was bright, blue skies with sunshine still a little chilly though.

The activities included a canoe journey around the lake, which the children absolutely loved. Some children really excelled at this and have become quite pro at it. Other groups did a hike up a mountain; I hear the views were spectacular. The children were engaged in some environmental learning and really enjoyed learning how to survive outside. I think Bear Grylls will be given a run for his money in a few years.

Last night some children went on a night walk, you can imagine the excitement at doing this. Other children were participating in a blindfold challenge. Great for team building and trust.

The children are really getting into the swing of centre life and are all now doing their morning chores, all are being very responsible for their kit and being on time for all of the activities. So parents make sure you don’t let them get away with lazy ways at home after they have now proved they can make their beds and get themselves organised.

My Twyman has been very strict about brushing teeth so they should all come back glistening. The girls are proving a little difficult to get out of the showers at times. The boys aren’t, no surprise there I feel.

Again I will update you with more news as soon as I hear.

Have a great day everyone.

Best wishes

Ms V Sengupta