Outward Bound Day 4

Date: 6/3/15
By: admin

Friday 6th March 2015

Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 5,

Well Friday has finally arrived and like you I can’t wait to see them all home safely and hear all of their tales. I’m sure there are many to tell.

I spoke to Mr Twyman last night who although was very breathless because he was walking up a steep hill in the mountains he was absolutely buzzing at the success of the trip. His quote was “It’s been a blast “.

Yesterday was another sunny day and slightly warmer. More canoeing took place and mountain climbing. In the afternoon there were archery activities and the children then had to complete a challenge of raft building. I’m sure this was a very comical activity to watch.

Last night the children set up a camp fire in the woods and had treats and toasted marshmallows. After this they then went on a steep hill trek and then back to base camp for Birthday celebrations. The children devoured copious amounts of hot chocolate and birthday cake.

The children have been amazing and all of the staff are so impressed at the way the children have handled all of the learning activities this week. Some have really pushed themselves and their confidence has gone through the roof, some have continued with their adventurous ways and really excelled at the activities. (Braver than me).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and trust in this venture, I’m not going to say everything was perfect but we have certainly learnt a lot this year and for next year when they all go in Year 6 we know it will be improved upon. I also can’t thank the staff enough who have dedicated their own time to make this such a success.

For today’s arrangements the children will be leaving Ullswater at 11.30am, catching the train from Penrith at 1pm and should arrive in Euston at 4.02pm. We are anticipating that they shall be back at school for 6.30pm. I will of course update you at each point in the journey so you are very clear about where they are.

Please can I ask that tonight you do not park around the school gate area as I would like the coach to be able to come into the carpark so that the children can disembark safely and ensure that all of their belongings do come home with you.  I thank you in advance for you co-operation with this.

Have a wonderful day, because tonight I suspect you are going to receive some very tired, weary children. But buzzing as well.

Kind regards

Ms V Sengupta