Outward Bound Year 6 Day 1

Date: 15/3/16
By: admin

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 6 have made a fantastic start to their Outward Bound Adventure. They arrived right on time and got straight on with making their beds. A task, I’m told that different children required different amounts of help to complete! 3 groups did the (in) famous Outward Bound Jog and dip into Ullswater lake along with, I am reliably told, both Mrs Sengupta and Miss Heath.

Mrs Sengupta tells me that the weather is unbelievably good with beautiful clear skies and even warm sunshine. 2 groups began their adventures with raft building and night canoeing, gazing up at the stars and identifying constellations.

Dinner choices last night were beef casserole, pasta, rice, vegetable curry and a choice of fruits apple pie and jelly. There were some team challenges for the children on the first evening session followed by hot chocolate and bed. Children were showered, teeth were scrubbed and lights were out at 9:30. Mrs Sengupta says that everyone was asleep by 10:15.

Today, 2 groups are taking advantage of the excellent weather and heading out for their overnight expedition. Another group are gorge walking 1 group are having their mountaineering day and another are back out on canoes. Mrs Sengupta tells me that all the children are being fantastic and they are all well. I’m told that Mrs McKenzie is “in her element”. I can only imagine what that actually looks like!

I will be sure to stay in touch with the staff team in Cumbria today and will email you all an update tomorrow.

Kind regards

Mr Twyman