We try very hard to communicate effectively with parents/carers so that everyone is kept informed about school life.

However, you might be aware that sending written information home can be rather ‘hit and miss’ with information often going missing on the way! We are also increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the amount of paper we use.

Sometime ago we became aware of a service called ParentMail® which enables schools to send their letters and messages directly to parents by email and where appropriate by text message. The service is already being used by more than a thousand schools around the UK and we have been successfully contacting parents using this method. We will however and until further notice, continue to send paper messages home as well. Those without access to a computer would always receive a paper copy. We hope the result of this will be that you receive information from the school in a more reliable and efficient manner, particularly if there is the threat of bad weather and school closure.

In order to use ParentMail® we need to collect parent email addresses and mobile telephone numbers and would ask you all to complete the form below. Please be assured, the ParentMail® service is registered with the Data Protection Registrar and guarantees that all information supplied will be kept completely private. There is also NO advertising associated with the scheme.

Click to download our parent mail letter


SIMS Agora has changed its name to SIMS Pay. If you have trouble accessing the website from a pre-saved, bookmarked page then please type SIMS Pay into your internet browser and this will take you to the SIMS Pay page. You can then bookmark the new link.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing SIMS Pay as a result of the previous difficulties then please use the guide below and contact the school office for an invitation code.

Upland SIMS Pay parents guide

SIMS Agora log in page

Open Check

Please click the Open Check logo to see information on school closures.