Playground Changes

Date: 1/5/14
By: admin

Playground Changes

As a school we are fully committed to ensuring that all areas within the school have an impact on the children’s learning experiences. Recently the Foundation Stage Playground has been refitted with new play equipment. This is to enhance their social skills as well as their physical development. A permanent water and sand area has also been built. This is again to ensure that the experiences children have indoors are also reflected in the outside learning environment.  The children will learn to share the equipment and take turns in exploring different ways in which they can use it.

The playground is also now a more vibrant fun place to play and explore.

The school forum has been gathering information from their peers regarding what they would like in the playground in order to enjoy play and lunch times more. The children unanimously agreed that they wanted equipment that they could play on as if they were having fun in a park. As you can see from the photos we have been able to build a large piece of play equipment within the Key Stage 2 play area. The children are thoroughly enjoying this. We do hope that we will be able to buy some more large equipment very soon.

The children also requested an outdoor classroom, so that when they go outside for lessons, rather than sitting on the concrete or grass they have somewhere to sit and do their work. Again with the PA’s support and donation we have been able to build an outdoor classroom area within the school grounds. This will really benefit the children and the teachers as more lessons will now be planned to take place outside. The School Forum are currently holding a Ballot to name the new classroom.

I would like to personally thank the PA for supporting our new ideas for the playground and hope that with upcoming events that we will be able to buy more equipment for the children to enjoy.

Ms Sengupta

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