Royal Festival Hall

Date: 1/7/14
By: admin

A Gigantic well done to all 34 of the children from Upland Primary School who performed as part of the Bird College Music Service Festival Of Music in the Royal Festival Hall on Monday 23rd June 2014.

You were great!

Some of you sang in the massed choir, some of you played you violin or viola for flow my tears and some of you played in the primary orchestra and some of you took part in two or three of the groups!

You all worked very hard in your lessons, orchestra, at home and/or in choir to get everything learnt ready for the big performance in such an amazing venue on the South Bank in central London. I am very proud of all of you as I imagine your parents are too.

We should say a big thank you to your parents for coming to listen to you perform and encouraging you to as well as Birch College music service for organising it all and all of the parents and staff who helped me get you there and look after you in the day.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Royal Festival Hall concert which I hear is already booked!

Mr Gregory

Music Coordinator


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