Swimming Gala 2016

Date: 28/6/16
By: admin

Setting off at 9 o’clock, we walked through the damp streets of Bexleyheath as a year group. Around quarter past, we arrived at Crook Log Leisure Centre. Splitting up into two lines, the competitors and reserves set off to get changed. Walking past reception, we all took our shoes off before entering the changing rooms. As soon as we were ready, we lined-up to go and sit down. Parents were coming in as they started to tell us about the rules of the gala.

The first race was the three-person relay for boys. As the whistle blew, Josh Crabb sped off but unluckily we came in third place. The front-crawl race was the first time we got first place in the swimming gala: this continued for the next few races.
Phenomenal cheering was coming from the stands by Upland Primary School as they cheered on their peers. At half-time, we were in the lead by just 1 point. Another race was the mixed relay with boys and girls, in which you swim breaststroke, front-crawl and backstroke; we came first. 
Max Driscoll was in the mixed medley race: he was in first place but, as he didn’t know he had to do 2 other lengths, we came in third place.
 Given great motivation by Mr Lynch, the 8 children: Josh, Charlie; Maddie, Demi, Talia; Flora, Max and Jason tried their best to win the final race but – however hard they tried – they came in 2nd place.
Overall the class of 2015-16 came in second place by only one point! They may have been disappointed but they still congratulated the winning team which was Crook Log Primary School. Mr Lynch was extremely proud of us as we had tried our very best and been on our best behaviour all morning – a credit to the school. Of course, though, we carried on with our heads held high on the walk back to school.