Travel Update – Outward Bound Trip

Date: 6/3/15
By: admin


Friday 6th March 2015

Travel Update

Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 5,

Good afternoon, I have just received a call from Mr Twyman with a travel update. However, firstly all of the children are safe, well and ready to come home.

Unfortunately the 1pm train from Penrith has been cancelled. The group will now be getting the 13.23 from Penrith but a slower train going through Birmingham. The train will now arrive at Euston at 17.33 pm. The coach company have been alerted and will still be collecting them at this later time.

It is now estimated that the children will arrive back at school between 19 -19.30 pm.

This is a totally unavoidable situation and I’m sorry that it slightly delays you from seeing your children.

They are all very happy patiently waiting in Penrith for the train. They have all been provided with food for the journey so all is well.

Again please avoid parking near the school gates so that the children can unload safely.

If you have any questions please do contact the school.

Kind regards

Ms V Sengupta