Travel Update Year 6

Date: 23/3/15
By: admin



Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 6 Children,

I have just spoken to Mr Twyman. Everyone has arrived at Ullswater safe and sound. They had a fabulous journey all the way there. The children were all very hyper and excited.

They arrived at 2.30pm. The children were greeted by their instructors. The weather is just cloudy at the moment. Fingers crossed the rain stays away a bit longer.

The rest of the day involves getting all of their kit together ensuring that they all take responsibility for their belongings. The Outward Bound team will then go through the weeks learning with the children, showing them some of the activities and gauging which children will be doing what when.

Then the children will get shown to their dorms and be responsible for making their own beds and organising their rooms. There will be no excuse parents for not doing this at home when they return. You totally have the upper hand on this one.

They will all gather together for dinner around 6.30pm where all the children’s dietary requirements and requests will be met. The food there has a very good review. Year 5 told me it was just as good as Frankie and Benny’s so I’ll leave you to make your own judgement on that one.

I know Mr Twyman was aiming to have them all in bed by 9.30pm, but something tells me that it may be wishful thinking for the first night.

I will be receiving daily updates from the staff, as soon as I have any information I will email you all as soon as possible.

They are all going to have an amazing time, they are in very safe hands; so enjoy the peace and rest.

Kindest regards

Ms V Sengupta