Upland Primary Greenwich Park and Maritime Museum

Date: 4/3/16
By: admin

IMG_1148What an amazing Day!!

The sun shone and the kids were all wrapped up and raring to go! The whole of Upland Primary School children and staff were off on an adventure to Greenwich, the first time we had ever had a whole school trip. We boarded a train to Blackheath and trekked across to Greenwich park. There was so much to do and see, as we looked across the park there were groups of flourescent children everywhere! Each class had a chance to visit the “Ahoy!” or “All hands!” Experiences  in the Maritime museum, where they could load cargo, shovel the coal, pull  the riggings or work as a team to solve problems. Lots of classes then visited the world map, where the children enjoyed jumping from continent to continent. Year 6 went over to the Cutty Sark on a tour around the ship, learning it’s history and fact finding.

Around the Maritime activities each class had their own agenda, some visited the Roman Remains or the Anglo-Saxon burial mounds whilst others played in the swing park. Year two had a picnic around the Millennium Sundial, whilst a reception class built dens under the trees at the top of the park. We all looked at the Greenwich Meridian Line and the classes were reminded of the reason we have leap years. All in all it was a fun packed enjoyable day and we all slept very well that night!!

Jilly Jeffries



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