Year 5 have arrived safely in Aberdovey

Date: 29/2/16
By: admin


Dear Parents/carers,

Year 5 have arrived safely in Aberdovey. The trip was long but they had 4 comfort breaks along the way, the children were able to have a run around as well; a few children even had a sleep. They are all absolutely fine and very excited.

For the rest of the day the children will get to meet the instructors and get shown around the center. The children will then be kitted up with all of the bits they need for the week. Outdoor groups will be allocated and the children will be told the schedule of activities. 

There will be some free time where the children will set up their bedrooms and get washed or showered if they want to.

Dinner will be around 6pm and then the children will take part in their first activity of the week.

The staff aim to get the children in bed around 9pm. I wish them luck with that on the first night but I’m sure the day has been long enough so they should all sleep soundly.

Mr Twyman and I are going to have  a briefing each evening once the children are settled and he will update me daily on all of the activities that the children have been involved in. I shall send out an email to all parents every morning with all of the news and goings on. The phone signal is very poor as they are in a remote area, I shall keep in constant contact with the staff and centre and keep you as up to date as I possibly can.  Please can I ask that you wait for my update to arrive each morning rather than phoning the school office as not all personnel will be informed before me.

I thank you in advance for all of your support and patience.

Have a lovely evening.

Kind regards

Ms Vicky Sengupta