Year 6 Science Trip to the Natural History Museum, 13th October 2016

Date: 17/10/16
By: admin

Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum on the 13th October 2016. We went as part of our learning about Evolution and Inheritance in science.

Mr Mackenzie, a school Governor who accompanied us on the trip, said:

‘We experienced Earthquakes, Dinosaurs and delved inside the Cocoon at the Darwin Experience. There was so much to explore and learn, the variety of exhibits meant that all the children in my group were able to see things that they had particular interests in. One boy surprised me as the group headed towards the escalator that travelled into the core of the earth. He kept stopping to look at some of the displays, so we took some time to view the many types of rocks and crystals which had caught his attention.

Throughout the Darwin Experience you can view into the labs and watch the scientists at work. The kids were very excited about this and were able to enquire via intercoms what they were doing. They have removed the skeleton of the whale that hung from the ceiling since 1934 and are currently cleaning and analysing the bones. We were lucky enough to speak to the two scientists tasked with this project, the children asked lots of relevant questions, demonstrating a keen interest in the activity’.

A great day was had by all!