Year 6 Trip to Firepower Museum, Woolwich

Year 6 Trip to Firepower Museum, Woolwich

Yesterday morning, all 62 children (accompanied by 10 adults) travelled, by bus, to Woolwich. On arrival at the museum, we were met by Kate, who explained what we would be doing for the day.

Next, we had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Muriel Jenkins, who had come all the way from Penge, south London, 1943. She explained how, only last night, her house had been hit by a German bomb, whilst her family sat in the Anderson shelter in their garden. After learning about rationing, evacuations and the Blitz, the two classes split.

The first group went with Mrs Jenkins and got to experience some time in an Anderson shelter. The second group handled and studied a range of artefacts from the time, including ration books, identity cards and actual army kit from the Second World War.

After lunch, one group met serving soldiers, who explained the various elements of their kit. This session ended with questions and handling of the soldiers equipment. The other group had time to explore the actual museum, where we even got to dress up in army clothing.

We all had a fantastic time, in which the staff at Firepower commented: “Thank you very much for coming to see us yesterday– it was genuinely lovely to meet your classes. What a well-behaved and thoughtful group of children! You must be very proud”. Well done year 6!